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Free History Quiz

This site offers a range of free multiple-choice quizzes to test your knowledge of human history.

Each quiz includes 15 questions on the chosen subject area, and you can go through that set of questions as many times as you like until you're getting them all right, or take new quizzes on the same subject. The main quiz sections are :

Prehistory - Before 3000 BCE
Including human evolution, early humans, and the rise of civilisation

Ancient History - 2999 BCE to 500 CE
The cradles of civilisation, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome

Post-classical Era - 501 CE to 1500 CE
Medieval Europe, the Vikings

Modern History - 1501 CE to the present day
The Early Modern and Modern periods, and Contemporary History (including the World Wars)

Special Topics -
The history of specific topics over or within the above time periods